Three dimensionality has always been an impulse for me, and even better when the fourth dimension of time or movement is included.  In addition to many small sculptures, I've been fortunate to have had the occasion to create several monumental outdoor sculptures.  One of them, "Dancers" featured below, occupies the pond at Cedarhurst Center for the Arts, Mt. Vernon, IL. I have often used two figures, representing male and female, to interact with each other and the landscape.

Photo by Cedarhurst Center for the Arts

Photo by Cedarhurst Center for the Arts

The "Dancers" pair of sculptures are constructed of carved foam, covered with fiberglass and marine paint.  One figure, the "male" (lasso shape) is anchored with limited movement and the "female" tracks along an underwater line, teasing elusively.  Similar figures were first made of paper and used in several dance performances and that is where the idea came from.


This guidebook published in 1996 by Jane McCarthy and Laurily K. Epstein, features "Dancers" on the front cover.

Wedding 93.jpg

Weddings:  The above monumental stone pair was commissioned by Philip and Muriel Berman of Allentown, PA. Below is a wooden version of a bride and groom.

Bride and Groom 91.jpg
Beacons 93-1&2 daylight.jpg
Stone Vessel 92-2.jpg

Inspired by the mountaintop cairns in Norway and the Inuit inukshuk, both wayfinding objects, I also created for Cedarhurst a stacked stone cairn at edge of the "Dancers" pond. 

Caverun Sentinel 2 92.jpg

Cave Run Cairn:  One of many stone cairns I've made over the years, this one is on Cave Run Lake, near Morehead, KY.

Beacons: These two beacons, shown on display in Louisville, KY were part of a series of lighted sculptures.